5 Things You Should Know About Traditional Japanese Fans

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With the cooling wind blowing over us like a gentle breeze over the fields, we drifted to sleep before we knew it, the sleepless night turning to dawn. Unlike wind from machines like the electric fan or air conditioners, wind from a handheld fan is made by human hands and contains a touch of softness. There is no worry of catching a cold from a handheld fan. In Korea, a fan spine thought to date back 2, years was discovered in Changwon.

The first hand fan in Spain dates from in Valencia and quickly became a must have among upper class women. Fans were hand crafted and.

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Fan dating from the late 1800s early 1900s

We are very lucky indeed to have the opportunity to show these pieces from the collection of Judy Bush who has been acquiring beautiful antique and modern examples of different types of fans from around the world. Fans for personal cooling have a long history. Some of the earliest known examples date back to B. And other ancient examples are known from countries around the world in China, Japan, Assyria modern-day Syria and Iraq , Greece, and Italy.

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History of Fans

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Buy Dating big combat animation around folding fan bamboo and silk cloth fan. Mini small fan rechargeable handheld portable folding fan. ₱ 【Life】.

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A Brief History of Hand Fans

The first and only Hand Fan Museum in downtown Healdsburg, California revels in the ladylike elegance of fans. In collecting hand fans, the museum assembles a history of femininity throughout the ages. As a small accessory used by women as well some men , fans were witness to all sorts of cultural events. They were used as fashion accessories, of course, but also in ceremony, dance, and even in Samurai battles. Some fans are lacy affairs covered in ribbons, some are plain paper. Some carry political messages, others have religious imagery.

European dating have introduced more modern designs and have fan the hand fan to work with modern-day fashion. In hand 17th the the folding dating, and its.

This folding fan, of French origin, is made of ten ivory sticks with gilding in three colors of gold. The guard sticks are pierced and lined with mother of pearl at the leaf end. The paper mount is painted with an eighteenth century genre scene on the front and back. Folding fan, circa , made of 14 ivory sticks pierced and carved with decorative roses.

Pleated mount made of paper, hand-colored. The front of the mount has a sentimental outdoor scene of men and women in 17th-century dress. The reverse features an outdoor scene of peasants, with one engaged in basket-weaving.

Folded and Feathered: bringing hand fans to the Collections Portal

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Dating to the or this spangled palmette or Jenny Lind-style fan features brown silk · Antique FansVintage Victorian Spangled Silk “Jenny Lind” Palmette Ladies’ Fan. Title: Victorian Spangled K. L. HannaHand Fans · Behind the Scenes.

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A Brief History of Japanese Paper Fans

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Hand fans have a distinguished place in history, dating back thousands of years. Check out this fascinating history of these simple yet effective.

Few art forms combine functional, ceremonial and decorative uses as elegantly as the fan. Fewer still can match such diversity with a history stretching back at least 3, years. Pictorial records showing some of the earliest fans date from around BC and there is evidence that the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans all used fans as cooling and ceremonial devices, while Chinese literary sources associate the fan with ancient mythical and historical characters. Early fans were all of the fixed type, and the folding fan does not appear either in the East or the West until relatively late in its history.

The first European folding fans were inspired by and copied from prototypes brought in to Europe by merchant traders and the religious orders who had set up colonies along the coasts of China and even Japan. These early fans were reserved for Royalty and the nobility and, as expensive toys, they were regarded as a status symbol.

While their montures i. The Chinese and Japanese also used fans from a very early date. In China, the screen fan or pien-mien was the type most frequently used in early times. Chinese cultural influences were exported to Japan by way of Korea but evidence suggests that conversely, the folding fan came to China from Japan. The development of fans in Europe from early Christian times and into the Middle Ages was influenced by contact with other civilizations.

Rare illustrations in manuscripts show that fans differed in shape, size and material and that their origins were equally varied. Not only did fans find their origins in countries along the Spice Routes, but the Crusades brought Islamic influences to Western Europe.