Can the Tinder-like Tantan Help You Find A Real Date in China?

I am about to complete one year of blogging in January, Writing is indeed fun. The best thing is — I never run out of topics as I continually try to observe and learn the social issues. There are simply loads of things to write. For example, in this post I am going to share about a dating scam that I witnessed just a few days back — a weird online dating situation. The story is about TanTan a Chinese equivalent of Tinder dating scams that you may come across in China. Well, it has been a couple of months for me working in China and I have seen a variety of issues. It seems that most of the foreigners who come to China, appreciate the beauty here.

Tantan: Indians are swiping right on China’s favourite dating app

Tantan is a popular Chinese dating app that lets you browse users you would date with by swiping. Even though Tinder is a bit simpler, Tantan has mainly preferred by users because Tantan can detect fake pictures in minutes, making you feel safer because users mainly use their own pictures. To get the Tantan app, you can download and install it through the Play Store. Click here to download. Tantan has two ways for users to register and login: 1 phone verification, 2 Facebook.

You can use Facebook account to login to the Tantan app.

Tantan, which is the most popular dating app in China with over million users globally, competes with Tinder, Truly Madly, Happn, Azar and.

American dating apps may be making a splash in India, but a Chinese brand working mostly under the radar is close at their heels. In May , Tantan did not feature among the top 10, but zoomed to the fourth position by July. Tantan has over 90 million registered users in China. Tantan is not alone. India has been flooded with Chinese apps over the past few months, some of which such as video-sharing app TikTok and e-commerce platform Club Factory have been growing rapidly.

With over million Indian users, TikTok has been a raging success in the country. But the Beijing-based app has been advertising aggressively on TikTok. They are doing a lot of advertising on video content websites and apps like TikTok, where the user spends a lot of time.

Rising sign-ups show Tantan is aggressive in India

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Dating app Tinder topped the list of non-game app revenue earners. This marks a % increase from the first half of according to Tech.

Momo stated that it was “proactively communicating with the relevant government authorities” and will “fully cooperate” to restore the app’s availability “as soon as possible. Momo stated that it would conduct a “comprehensive internal review” of Tantan’s content, but warned that the sudden suspension would impact its ability to attract new users. However, the app remains online for Tantan’s existing users. Momo and Tantan are often called the “Tinders of China”, since they’re both widely used as dating apps.

Momo started out as a social network that allowed users to find each other based on their personal profiles, interests, and locations. However, its growth accelerated significantly in after it launched a live video streaming feature that was monetized with virtual gifts for broadcasters. Momo also recently launched a premium subscription service that features AI-powered matches, higher search exposure, and other tools.

Momo bought Tantan as its growth in users and revenue decelerated. Without Tantan’s addition of 3. During last quarter’s conference call , investor relations chief Cathy Peng stated that although Momo and Tantan were the “dominant” players in the online dating market, the apps still reached “less than one half of the total addressable market” in China. Peng also stated that Momo’s goal was to make Tantan “a new engine for the company” within the next two to three years.

The abrupt removal of Tantan from app stores could derail those rosy plans. Jefferies stated that the temporary suspension shouldn’t impact Momo’s growth since existing users aren’t affected and the suspensions generally last less than a month. Many other major apps recently struggled with temporary suspensions as part of the government’s ongoing crackdown on “vulgar” content, so Tantan’s suspension isn’t surprising.

Chinese dating App Tantan all set to Launch in India

How to get a patent dispute with the modern dating service. Virtual romance has over 60 million maus. Swipe through online dating apps tinder has acquired by user base service at aptoide now!

Request Tantan Update. Publish Date: Uploaded by: Par Uen. Available on: Get Tantan on Google Play. Requirements: Android +.

It is not news that a lot of western men and women are attracted to amazingly beautiful or handsome Chinese singles. The Tantan platform is a place for such singles to meet those fun and charming Chinese singles. But there is more — this app is targeted at people seeking fun encounters and international love. The awesome Tantan app was created for everyone who wants to start dating and find their love. The truth about Tantan — it is connecting people from different corners of the world, and it makes it fun to seek partners.

Spending time on Tantan is like spending time in a company of friends — everyone is amiable and friendly. Members of the community leave positive reviews and recommend this incredible app. Read this review to find out whether a nice Tantan platform suits your preferences. The Tantan review of the app has shown one amazing thing — the members of the community are extremely active. One of the most incredible things about the platform is that you might even chat in real-life chat rooms to have fun.

It is a dating platform to meet love and become happy, as well as it grants a chance to meet like-minded people. Members of the community are friendly, and it is interesting to spend time in chat. Tantan is a dating website with different interesting options to find a true soulmate. One of the most outstanding options praised by people in reviews is chatting after you get matched.

Tantan CEO Reveals Cool Secrets!

Tantan is social app that help young people in China connect with one another. It has a slide-left slide-right interface. Only when two users both slide right on each other can they start a conversation. The company was founded in and has helped users make over 10 billion matches to date. Momo is a top location-based social networking platform in China that help people meet strangers around them.

Swipe through online dating apps tinder has acquired by user base service at aptoide now! Similar to find more dating and bisexual and interests to buy tantan is.

Have you found “the one”, only to have them slip through your fingers. Maybe you’re with “the one” now, but you have suspicions that you might not be their one and only. Search TanTan services can help put your mind at ease with our unique search algorithm to search for that specific profile TanTan. If you know enough about the person you’re trying to find, it’ll be easy to find them on TanTan.

In order to get the best matches you should know their first name, age, gender, and location. Search TanTan is the easiest way to find someone on TanTan.

How to find a specific person on TanTan

Popular Chinese dating app Tantan is all set for a full-fledged launch in India in August this year. Tantan, which is most comparable to US-based dating app Tinder, created a niche for itself in the Chinese market within three years of launch in Tantan, which had attracted investments from Nasdaq-listed live-streaming platform YY Inc. Momo will try to leverage its acquisition by combining its offering to its users.

For now, Tantan will remain a separate stand-alone app, although it’s likely that Momo will eventually introduce cross-app features. I have been working in the online dating space for quite some time.

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Momo was the top dating app on campus when I was in college a few years ago. I decided to downloaded and try Tantan last week to learn why it came to dominate the Chinese dating app market in recent years. As a social app especially designed for young adults, Tantan is similar to Tinder in terms of its business model and user interface. Users can log in and swipe through a collection of beautiful faces whenever and wherever they want. However, in the fast-paced modern era, its time-saving approach offers singles — especially in first-tier cities like Beijing — a quick way to craft their first impression without attending time-consuming social gatherings in search of a date.

Some use it out of curiosity. One Zhihu user said he was matched with more than girls during his two years on Tantan, but he never met any of them. For young women, a Tantan profile is a chance to assess their appearance. Foreign users tend to be targeted for English practice.

Dating apps turn hot during viral outbreak

Tantan dating app is an international dating community for westerners to date Chinese. Developed in Beijing, this dating app has at least million users. However, Momo seems to be more legitimate than Tantan because people on Momo genuinely want to look for casual flings only. Anyway, I still enjoyed Tantan because some Chinese women on this app are very, very hot.

Now I can simply use Tantan to get Chinese girls — if they can speak English, they will respond well and I know those are eligible leads.

Over million interesting men and women are logged in to Tantan, chatting, making new friends, and finding their perfect match! Tantan is the most exciting.

Tantan is a fun and simple social app. Download for free to know interesting people around you! View photos and profiles of the people nearby, then decide who’s your favorite. When someone likes you back, you get a match. Now start chatting, making friends, and more! Thousands of interesting people are around you hoping to make new friends! Know your matches better by following the life moments they share. You will never receive messages from random people. Use ten playful questions to understand your match better.

Increase your matching rate by 5 times!

Date Night China: An American Woman’s Experience Using Tantan in Beijing

Tantan, the popular dating app in China which allows users to connect through “liking” each other, has been suspended from most download channels available in the country as government strives to clean up content in cyberspace. The app was no longer available for download in China on Thursday at Apple’s App Store, according to a test. Last week, Tantan had already been removed from most of the major app stores for Android-powered phones in China. Momo, the US-listed company that owns the Tantan app, said the suspension was upon direction from governmental authorities in China, without elaborating the reasons for the suspension.

Since last year, China’s cyber watchdog has shut down thousands of mobile apps for distributing pornographic material and stealing private information to “protect the youth”. Smaller developers have not been the only ones affected, as technology giants like Baidu and Sohu have also been blocked from launching certain products, such as mobile web and news apps, as they were found to be “spreading vulgar contents” or “damaging the cyber public opinion ecology”.

Downloading Tantan. Maybe it was curiosity or feeling like I needed to appease my Chinese girlfriends’ endless nagging about dating and their.

Single in the city? Listen to their podcast. So, it goes without saying that before I had never used an online dating app. The idea of judging another human as a future romantic interest-based purely on photos and an online profile was and still is off-putting to me. Anyway, I personally cherish intimate, platonic relationships way more than romantic ones. As far as the latter goes: Yeah, no thanks. I figured at worse this would be a great way to broaden my friend network and help me further immerse myself in the local culture.

Although I received a lot of offers for unwanted hook-ups why are dating apps synonymous with one night stands? The Chinese guys I matched with, besides being from different provinces, were also from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnic groups with different occupations and aspirations. Additionally, they all had different intentions for using Tantan.


Zhang Xiaojing is a year-old accountant for a foreign trade company in Beijing who has been spending time scrolling through her dating apps since the novel coronavirus outbreak. Cinemas and bars were shut down to curb the spread of the deadly virus. I have to remain indoors to avoid getting infected. Zhang lives alone and feels very bored so she downloaded several online dating apps.

They included Momo and Tantan in a bid to make new friends, and to give her some relief from the stress and loneliness.

American dating apps may be making a splash in India, but a Chinese brand working mostly under the radar is close at their heels. China’s.

He brought back more than we bargained for. Consider this a fair warning; some of you may be offended by what you see below. It looks like a dating app, apparently, something people used in ancient times to reach out for potential sexual partners before multi-sensory pornography was invented and provided a superior alternative. But now, with this discovery, they might finally be able to unravel the enigma of the first people that walked the Earth. Let us help those future scientists.

In this great Tan Tan sea of self-flattering pictures, let us come up with a helpful classification. Just for the sake of science, obviously. Not to take the piss out of people on a dating app, because that would be just mean. Next time… Girls traditionally take that picture to strengthen their spirit during the course of a hunger strike.

At times she gets overwhelmed by seasonal frenzies, and when the cherry trees start blooming she really needs to get out there. Spring can bring complications. Basically the same as the bellyfie: some men also work hard to achieve the ideal body shape.

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