‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Explains Why Wife Isn’t on TV

Outside the clubhouse, the Duck Dynasty stars signed hats, programs, while providing some down-home celebrity cache to a foursome that included resort owner Jim Justice and family friend Bubba Watson. The No. Employee Justin Martin, meanwhile, was bonked by a basketball in a sensitive area and had to take a few minutes to recover. And despite having a new pair of shoes that looked like a cross between vintage Air Jordans and a pair of pogo sticks, Jep Robertson could not manage to sink a single shot. But the boys had bigger problems than their basketball skills: They discovered that the warehouse was infested with termites. Wasting no time, the Robertsons called an exterminator, who promptly covered the entire Duck Commander warehouse with an enormous red and yellow striped tent. Dressed in a sharp white jacket, Willie arrived at the social club where he met his mother and half a dozen senior ladies. Looking very uncomfortable, Willie asked Miss Kay if he should begin speaking to the group.

Duck Dynasty Recap: The Si Robertson Guide to Dating

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Cupid’s Pulse: Si Robertson says his wife Christina is not on TV due to her health​. Celebrity Babies; Celebrity Interviews; Relationship Advice Cupid’s Pulse Article: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Explains Why Wife Isn’.

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Uncle Si from ‘Duck Dynasty’ will reportedly star in a new spin-off

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From Willie’s growing business ideas, to Phil’s fatherly advice and Miss Kay’s cooking ventures, to Uncle Si’s oddball philosophies and Jase’s endless to hunt,​.

The accomplished author has a successful celebrity column and a vibrant collection of published work. Take a minute to find out more about Jodi Jill. The staff of Duck Commander appears to take time to help Martin on his latest endeavor, which is taking a lady friend out on a date. The sneak peek on Wednesday offers up a glimpse of what Martin had to deal with before he even left the shop.

Call it dating advice for rednecks. The language is mild, but on occasion there is some subtle sexual innuendo and a few sexist references.

Quotes From Uncle Si On Monday

The Robertsons have built a multi-million dollar sporting empire manufacturing duck calls in Monroe, Louisiana. Everyday affairs are met by Willie’s growing business ideas, Phil’s fatherly advice, Mrs. Kay’s recipes, Uncle Si’s oddball philosophies and Jase’s endless need to hunt, fish and rib his brothers. But true to form, Si recalls things differently. The season 3 finale of “Duck Dynasty” was watched by a record-breaking 9.

Season three also averaged 8.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Titled, ” The Robertson Guide to a Happy Marriage ,” the clip features a mixture of lighthearted and serious proclamations about what it takes to achieve matrimonial bliss, opening with “Duck Dynasty” star Jep Robertson quipping that his brothers — Willie and Jase — are “idiots” who “have no clue what real romance is.

After Jep attempts to educate his siblings about the simple steps he takes to make his wife happy, Uncle Si — who is known for his quirky demeanor and hilarious take on a litany of life issues — proceeds to offer up his take on the matter. From there, Uncle Si delivers a few suggestions for go-to lines he believes would achieve that goal: “Your eyes are so beautiful, I barely can breathe,” “Can I have directions to your heart?

The video also features practical advice about finding happiness in the midst of marriage, with Missy Robertson, Jase’s wife, revealing her belief that there’s more to the matrimonial equation than mere romance. The teaser trailer concludes with Willie Robertson encouraging his year-old son, John Luke, to make a pledge to his wife, asking him to repeat the following: “I cannot vow to be the perfect husband, but I vow that I will try.

John Luke has been candid of late about his marriage last year to wife Mary Kate, with the two making headlines in for tying the knot when the reality TV star was just 19 years old. In a recent interview with The Church Boys podcast , Robertson discussed some of the challenges and benefits that have come along with marrying so young. Past research on marriage has shown a number of simple acts can help foster happiness, including hand-holding, saying “I love you” and other acts of affection.

Ducks and bucks continue at A&E as “Duck Dynasty: Season 5” prepares to air

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The high school sweethearts started dating when Kay was just 14 and got Women everywhere shed a tear last December when Uncle Si, the His grandnephew John Luke needed advice about breaking up with his.

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Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si Gives Dating Advice [VIDEO]

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Best extra: All five webisodes are short and focused on one aspect or another of the Season 4 shows. Then off-camera, in an interview with GQ magazine, patriarch Phil Robertson professed his profoundly negative thoughts about homosexuality and racial relations, which didn’t go over so well with many of the American public. The new episodes will debut Jan.

In addition to that, Season 4 really doesn’t have any exciting bonus features to report on, only five webisodes and six deleted scenes. The webisodes deal with why renewing the vows was for Ms. Kay, how Uncle Si helped the love birds sort of stroll down memory lane, what dating advice Uncle Si gave Martin, how lazy Uncle Si and brother Jep are, and how miserable Jase made Willie and family when he had to move in for a short time while work was being done on his own house a tub filled with craw fish and a dead beaver in the kitchen sink topped Jase’s short-lived stay.

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Uncle si dating advice dog

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to Phil’s fatherly advice and Miss Kay’s cooking ventures, to Uncle Si’s Meanwhile, when Uncle Si gets sick, he seeks the help of Ms. Kay to take her old cell phone, Willie decides to buy her a more up to date device.

Any girl would be lucky to have him. Korie and Missy ordered Martin back to his wood-paneled, taxidermy-filled home to try and find an outfit that did not involve trucker hats or camouflage. Meanwhile, Korie and Missy tried to convince Martin that a pink striped button-down shirt was a winning look. Reluctantly, Martin removed his hat to reveal a matt of messy, curly hair atop a balding head. Back at the office, Martin showed off his date outfit, which consisted of the aforementioned pink shirt, khaki pants and no hat.

Eventually, Phil was able to convince his granddaughter that the fish belonged on the table, not in the creek, and he was getting ready for Sunday dinner when Martin showed up, post-date. After the show aired, Martin tweeted about his love life, and it seems like things have been going pretty well for him. Miley Cyrus celebrates 7th anniversary of ‘Wrecking Ball’: ‘Feels like a lifetime ago’.

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‘Duck Dynasty’ season 4 recap: Martin looks for romance

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